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Recent Developments

This section is intended to provide developments that relate to or be of interest to the Home Children community although they may not be directly about Home Children,so if you see hear or read anything you think may be of interest ,send it to us . The most interesting items will be published but all will be preserved for research purposes.



Monday March 29th, 2010 at 8:19 PM

Charlottetown, PEI:
Canadian Centre for Home Children Founder and Chair, John Willoughby, was interviewed live on UK national radio talk show again last night.

With British tempers flaring over the recent lobbying scandals rampant in the Labor party government, it is obvious that things are definitely not what they seem !In PM Brown's apology remarks to child migrants last month, he announced a 6 million Sterling fund was established for the use of ALL child migrants - where is this fund?Show us the money!

It was clear, from the onset of the Health Select Committee Inquiry into child migrants, London 1998, that this was a Labor party vehicle set up for the sole purpose of controlling the child migrant issue in Australia ONLY - a vehicle for the Labor party friends and faithful to call in favors and for the Labor party government to fund, and therefore control the actions of a purported 'neutral, independent charitable agency'.

The Health Select Committee in charge of the Inquiry was asked to come to Canada to engage in discussions regarding the more than 100,000 British home children who were received here - the Committee said no - they travelled to Australia, where some 3,000 child migrants had been sent and 'adopted' Australia as their project for assistance.

Of all the submissions and pleas for assistance presented to the Inquiry Committee in 1998, only one agency was given funding that continues to this day - the Child Migrant Trust.

The Child Migrant Trust describes itself as an "Anglo/Australian social work agency" - whose Chair of Trustees happens to be The Hon. Joan Taylor, MBE, (Labor) who is the daughter of Baron Underhill, former Deputy House Leaderin the House of Lords for the Labor party, following his long career as National Agent for the Labor party.We feel Mrs. Taylor was and continues to be the leading force behind the Child Migrant Trust.What other charitable organization in the UK can have its employees paid by the government,can have its employeesin government pension scheme, andbe able to ask governmentfor additional monies when operating in the red - and get it?Is this not political interference, is this not political patronage, is this not another form of lobbying?

In the interview last night, Mr. Willoughby called on Britains, especially those from the estimated 20,000,000 relatives of British Home Children in Canada, to contact the Canadian Centre for Home Children.The campaign for justice for Canada's Home Children Community continues.

John Founder/Chaircchc@eastlink.ca902 892 0526
Canadian Centre for Home Childrenhttp://www.canadianhomechildren.ca/

January 2010

Saturday February 13th, 2010 at 10:42 AM

The first month of The Year of the Home Children in Canada is over, with nothing new from the Government of Canada. I have had time to consider the postal stamp announcement, and it is loaded with irony. Here is a 4 million strong community deliberately kept separate for generations. They have tried hard to find each other, mostly with little success. So the Minister of Immigration announces a new stamp featuring Home Children. NOW if we only knew who they are - and where they live, we could use the stamp to contact them. The Minister, having just taken over the Home Children file, is ill advised of their actual needs. Or it is an outright slap at the Home Children community? In the past I have been impressed with the way he handled problems, and I am shocked by this apparent callous indifference.

There has also been no apology yet from British P.M. Brown. to the Aussies, which was supposed to be forthcoming. I wrote to Mr. Brown at the beginning of the month, but have not received a response yet. Nor have I heard from the two two opposition leaders, both of whom received copies. I will be on top of this in the coming weeks. The British government may wish to forget the Canadian diaspora, but we refuse to be forgotten. The time is long overdue for us to fight for our rights and for justice. Consider what would happen if any other ethnic group in Canada was being treated like this by their Home country. It would not be deemed acceptable. The Home Children community represents 25 per cent of Canadians of British origin - one of the largest special interest groups in the country. Our national media continues to ignore the issue, as well. Given their reticence to report on what it clearly an issue that deserves attention, we are already looking for help from alternative sources with more success.

For instance, I recently discovered Adrian Goldberg editor of The Stirrer located in Birmingham England. I came across a story on the Canadian Home Children while searching the web. Adrian was a successful BBC reporter and radio host, and left to start The Stirrer, which could be described as a news, political and social campaign web site. It is full of UK information, mostly trying to get the real stories out. The man is a dynamo. He also hosts a late night talk show on similar topics on a national radio station, talkSPORT, four nights a week.

Already several stories have appeared in The Stirrer about the British government's behaviour toward Canadian Home Children issues. The headline for one recent story was, Oi Gordon-What about Canada's Home Children? Adrian has promised additional stories on the Canadian Home Children. What a find for us in Canada!

Adrian also arranged a radio interview with me, and we were able to voice the problems facing our community. It was a call-in show and it was touching to hear English people whose family members came to Canada and were never heard from again. Hopefully this is a way we can get our story into the consciousness of the people of the UK and Canada. The more we can tell our story, the more response we will get.

Our February plans are under way and I will report developments here as they occur.


Tuesday December 8th, 2009 at 1:20 PM


Charlottetown, PEI, 7 December 2009:

Member of Parliament Phil's private members motion, to declare 2010 as the year of the British Home Child in Canada, has been passed by unanimous consent in the House of Commons in Ottawa today.

The Canadian Centre for Home Children congratulates Mr. McColeman and all members present in the House for this recognition of Canada's Home Children and their descendants.

During debate on the motion, Maurizio , Liberal MP, called the Home Children, "truly special people." Bloc Leader, Gilles, said, "it is our duty to remember these people.", and NDP MP Olivia, in her comments, stated,"Parliament must give them (Home Children) the recognition they deserve." While all debaters gave full support for the motion, most commented that still more needs to be done for the Home Children Community.

The designation of 2010 as the Year of the British Home Child in Canada and the commemorative stamp to be issued by Canada Post is truly a milestone in our history and very positive first steps in recognizing the Home Children and their contributions to their communities and to Canada. Again, our sincere congratulations to Mr. McColeman for his initiative on the Home Children File.


Contact: John H. 902.892.0526 cchc@eastlink.ca

Canadian Centre for Home Children


Saturday December 5th, 2009 at 3:50 PM

Recent headlines and media reports announced widely that Australian P.M. Kevin Rudd publicly apologized to the 7000 British children sent to Australia. Substantial financial help for family research and travel to the U.K. were also in the package.

British P.M. Gordon later announced a personal meeting in the U.K with a party of Child Migrants to be present when the apology is made. Substantial financial help had previously been given to the children sent to Australia.

Once again, as it has done continuously in the past, Britain has turned it's back on the approximately 130,000 children sent to Canada..Of course there wasn't even the offer of tuppence halfpenny to help Canadian travel and research. So for the Canadian Home Children diaspora there is no change.

Probably caught off guard in India, where he was asked what Canada planned for Home Children, PM Stephen Harper referred the question to Immigration Minister Jason Kenny A spokesman announced there would be no apology and later said no help or funding either; but next year 2010 would be the "Year of the Home Children". So next year there will be no torches to carry ,no government help, no apology, no concern.

Will there be a public outcry at this lack of action? Will members of the opposition in the Commons finally see our community needs support and help? The 4,000,000 strong Home Children community will be watching closely in the early days of the Year of the Home Children.

May 2007 U.K.

Tuesday June 26th, 2007 at 9:39 AM

Prime Minister Tony Blair recently refused to apologize for Britains involvement in the African slave trade that brought thousands to North America. The slave trade was abolished in Britain in 1807,and these remarks were made in connection with anniversary activities.

Although he expressed "regret" for the" misery caused" he refused an outright apology on behalf of his government. He seemed to try and justify his position by making the broadest statement possible.He stated " we have to remember that all the countries of the world were engaged in the slave trade."

Later in May Mr Blair announced his resignation as Prime Minister. The new Prime Minister will be Gordon a Scot and former Finance Minister.

So the reign of Tony Blair that started with such hope for our community has ended as it has so many times before with chagrin and regret for what could have been. So no more of "Tony's Baloney" he will not be missed by the Home Children community.