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These children were British children sent to Canada at the request of the Government of Canada and was agreed to by the British Government . This became known as the Juvenile Farm Immigration Program.

Over 100.000 children were sent to Canada from 1869 until 1948.

Canada was only two years old when the plan began and was badly in need of a supply of cheap labor to work on farms. In the beginning the children came to Ontario and the Maritimes but later Quebec asked to be and was included in the program. Later children were sent to the new western provinces.

In the 16 years after 1900 over 3400 children arrived in Canada but that only represented about 10% of the requests which exceeded over 340,000 requests for one of these children. The boys were designated as farm laborers and the girls as domestics.

The true history of Home Children in Canada has yet to be revealed or written. It will be then and only then that the real truths of this failed social engineering project will be known.