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Operation Find Our Families

Originally it was intended that OFOF would be a part of the Centres activities.However after much discussion ,review and indeed soul-searching it was decided to create a new organization dedicated solely to research ,and locating documents and families and when successful arranging family reunions where possible. This will allow OFOF to concentrate fully on these activities with the hope of quicker and better success.

Because of the failure of governments and NGOs failure to provide help and cooperation to much time and attention has been spent on trying to solve those problems and as aresult the research and search activities have suffered and been delayed. Also the increased demand has caused delays when there is little or no help available from those who should be helping.

The Centre with the help and assistance of other sponsors will encourage and assist where possible the activities of the new organization. A new Board of Directors is in place and a request for approval of charitable status is been submitted. In the meantime a new web site is been designed and will soon be on the internet.A new data base is been designed to provide better research and assist in faster processing of search requests and other data.

The reasons for these changes is the need to find solutions that work. The continued ignoring of Home Children community problems is a disgrace and damn insulting to all us whoever and wherever we may be. The Centre will continue to be the agency that will pursue those involved to get them to provide the help and assistance that is needed to seek solutions and justice for all those seeking help with these problems for such a long time.

Watch this section for further information until the changes indicated are completed.