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Questions and Answers

Who were the Home Children?

The Home Children were a group of over 100.000  British children sent to Canada from  1869 to 1948 .

Why were they sent to Canada?

 Canada needed low cost farm labor and  the British government agreed to send the children to Canada to work mainly as cheap labor and indentured servants.

How long did they stay in Canada?

Almost all remained in Canada after they reached 21 and were never to return to their homeland.

Why weren’t they allowed to return their homes in the U.K.?

The program contained no provision to help or assist the children at the end of their service, they were left on their own with no assistance or help available from the governments or agencies.
Also the British government in 1998 revealed their was a hidden agenda and they were to remain in Canada to provide a source of white, Anglo Saxon, English speaking breeding stock to try and maintain the mix in Canada.

What is their status today?

Although there are no exact figures it is estimated that less than 10.000 of the original children remain alive in Canada. There are however about 4 million living Canadian descendants  making up about 14% of Canada’s population.

Were any of the children abused or physically harmed?

Yes, whenever children are placed in harms way then harm follows, the Home Children were no different as an estimated 65% suffered some form of abuse physical, sexual or mental.

Was there a higher than normal death rate because of adverse conditions?

Yes,although, no exact figures have ever been released. The Centre is making enquiries into this factor at present and a report will be released when complete.